1 February 2014

‘I have just returned from a private tour to Morocco. My targets in Morocco were the large falcons (Lanner, Peregrine and Barbary) and the Atlas Long-legged Buzzard. The birding was focused to the west coast and Atlantic Sahara, but the weather caused some problems. In the desert south of Guelmim it was raining heavily for several days while we were there, and the entire desert was flooding! Still, the trip was a great success, and I managed some incredible encounters with my target birds, one of which is shown above. The Peregrines and Barbarys of this area have been of great interest to me since my first visit in 1991. This time I finally managed to get some material, which may throw some light on the problem. Traditionally several sources claim, that Peregrines and Barbarys occur here side by side (sympatric) without interbreeding, thus proving that they are different species. I have always had a slightly different opinion myself, and now I managed to get some supporting evidence for my ideas. Unfortunately, I cannot elaborate on it any further, as it has to be published first on other forums. Anyway, pictured above is one of my study birds, but which one is it? Is it a Barbary or is it a Peregrine, or is it neither, or perhaps both? Interestingly, it was found at exactly the same site where I had a pair almost on the date 22 years ago, the pair that originally spurred my interest for these Moroccan falcons’ (Dick Forsman,http://www.dickforsman.com/)

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