11 February 2019 – A Blue-winged Teal at Rabat

A Blue-winged Teal (Sarcelle à ailes bleues, Spatula discors) at daya de Takkadoum, Rabat, on 10 February. The bird was with a (Northern) Shoveler flock, smaller than these. Bill black with conspicuous white diffuse spot behind it, near the base. Cheeks ‘clean’ without darker bands. Supercilium somewhat diffuse. Dark eyeline. Contrasting underwing, white and dark. Upperwing showing pale blue coverts and lacking conspicuous white trailing edge. Tertials with sharp white fringes. Legs orangish (Pedro Fernandes and Mohammed Hilmi)

31st record in Morocco.

With (Northern) Shoveler (left)

With (Northern) Shovelers (right)




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