12 April 2019 – A new breeding record of Great Spotted Cuckoo

There are only a few breeding records of Great Spotted Cuckoo in Morocco, including hosts feeding young from early April (near Taroudant, 3 and 4 April 1990 – Maumary & Duperrex 1991) to end April (near Taroudant, 29 April 1992 – S. Gysel, Tafingoult, 28 Apr 1994 – G. Trochard) and mid May (near Goulimine, 8 May 1996 – H. Dufourny et al. ; near Tahanaout, 12 May 2017 – B. Bakass), which suggests that egg-laying is from late February to mid-April. Fledged young have been seen at Aït Melloul, 8 and 22 May 1997 (R. Dawson),.

Recent record : a nest of Magpies hosting 4 young of Great Spotted Cuckoo near Fes on 8 april 2019 (Wafae Squalli, Facebook)


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3 thoughts on “12 April 2019 – A new breeding record of Great Spotted Cuckoo

  1. Dear Mr. Bergier,
    I can add an observation of a successful breeding of Great Spotted Cuckoo for your statistics from the year 2004. I didn’t expect this as such an especialness for Morocco- so in retrospect that makes me proud a bit.
    The observation was a bit later in the year, it has been mid of June, somewhere in the Argan area near and south of Essaouira. I remember that I took pictures of 4 fledged youngs fed by a Magpie! If wanted, the pictures can be send for a proof.
    Good birding
    Lars Bingemann

    1. Dear Lars,
      Great record indeed! Thanks for sharing.
      All the best,

      1. … and I do accept your pictures for sharing the info on Go-South. Thanks in advance

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