12 February 2014

The Iceland Gull was still present this morning at Oued Chebeika. It did not look too healthy: when lying down his right wing is on the ground….

On 9 February at Oued Jenna there were not many Desert Sparrows. At 1800 hours a group of about 35 came flying in from the south. A nice touch was a « singing » Red-necked Nightjar at 2200 hours. There was a lot of stray cats (at least 12) and at least 3 small dogs. We witnessed that at 1900 hours a small white United Nations pickup from Awserd came to the site with three large garbage bins on it. Two men opened the bins and at least 10 cats were let out and left behind! The next day there was a very strong wind so we were in the middle of sandstorm, which did of course hindered our birdwatching (Cees de Vries)

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