12 June 2018 – Records of interest at Tissint

Parmi les nombreuses observations réalisées par Valentin Moser et ses collègues lors d’un voyage au Maroc, nous avons relevé celles-ci à Tissint le 29 mars :

We birded the river right next to Kasbah Tissint: What a diversity of birds! Including the next avian highlights: Baillon’s Crake and two Pale Crag Martins, a species not easy to observe in Morocco! But we were in Tissint to search for the most difficult sandgrouse of the trip : Lichtenstein’s Sandgrouse. We arrived near the known spot for observing this sandgrouse in late dusk at the drinking place (29.851412, -7.260506). We visited the bridge a bit further down from the sandgrouse spot: the distinct Maghreb Lark (also observed in the Oasis), as well as a very probably Olivaceous Warbler ssp reiseri. With enough time before sunrise, we decided to make a row and walk systematically trough the acacia band: We walked less than 50m, before Samuel called out a pair sitting on the ground! As we didn’t flush the birds and they were close to the (northern) side of the road, we could really enjoy the sighting… The day was not finished yet though: After sunset, we went close to the Wadi and luckily the Lichtenstein’s Sandgrouse pair indeed came in for a drink late at dusk. Some spotlighting afterwards yielded camel spiders and a few reptiles including Boulenger’s Feylinia (Chalcides boulengeri). Back in Tissint, some of us were still motivated and did more night walking: Kuhl’s Pipistrelle form deserti, the endemic Morocco Wall Gecko Tarentola boehmei and Baillon’s crake: Let’s just say the bird was close’

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