13 July 2017 – Out of press very soon!

Bergier, P. ; Thévenot, M. & Qninba, A. 2017. Oiseaux du Sahara Atlantique Marocain. SEOF Editions, Paris. 352 pp.


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This book presents the 383 species of birds that have been observed in the Moroccan Atlantic Sahara, a territory on the south-western borders of Morocco situated at the junction between the Western Palaearctic and the Sahel. 68 species reproduce here regularly, another 28 occasionally or supposedly. The systematic list summarizes available data on the status, phenology, distribution, habitat and reproduction of the species, as well as the origin of migrants and wintering birds. It also contains information on the history of ornithological surveys, geography and climate, flora and vegetation, different environments, their importance for birds, a bibliography and an index of places. The Moroccan Atlantic Sahara contains several important sites for the migration and overwintering of many shorebirds, gulls and Palaearctic passerines such as the Khnifiss lagoon or the Dakhla Bay. In its highly productive coastal waters, two important areas for the conservation of seabirds have been identified

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