13 May 2020 – An Eastern Black-eared Wheatear ringed at Merzouga

An Eastern Black-eared Wheatear (Oenanthe hispanica melanoleuca, sometimes treated as a full species Oenanthe melanoleuca) ringed at Merzouga on 8 March (Marc Illa).

O. h. melanoleuca has very rarely been reported in migration and may go unnoticed as it accounts for a quarter of the birds observed in Mauritania; there are four records in the 1950s in Eastern Morocco (Triffa 29 April and 18 May, Berkane 30 April, Taforalt, August) and two-three, unverified other ones, in the Haouz (Tameslohte two on 14 April 2018) and the Western High Atlas (Setti Fatma two ad. and elsewhere one male on 2 May 2017).

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