14 April 2016 – More Razorbills in Dakhla Bay

Three, maybe six, Razorbills (Petit Pingouin, Alca torda) in Dakhla Bay mid-march (BiOME, FB). See also Aourir, M. ; Radi, M. ; El Idrissi Essougrati, A. ; Qninba, A. & Swann, R. 2016. Nouvelles observations du Petit Pingouin Alca torda (Linnaeus, 1758) dans le sud du Maroc. Go-South Bulletin 13 : 49-54.

There has been a large influx to Morocco this year, see for example:

This is generally un uncommon winter visitor to Morocco. This is the first instance of such a large influx, although Robin (1969) saw several hundreds (ad. and imm.) off Essaouira early January 1969.


On the other side of the Atlantic, a big influx occured into Florida in 2012 (Dermot Breen, http://ebird.org/content/ebird/news/razorbills-invade-florida/)


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