14 February 2014

Recent records from Southern Morocco and South Atlantic Morocco:

    • Many Spilotila clamans along the last 50 km to Awserd, with several family parties and 30+ territories
    • Grus grus: 13 at Massa on 26 January
    • Branta bernicla: one photographed at Khnifiss on 1st February
    • Oued Saquiat Al Hamra at Layoune, 2nd and 3rd February: 25 Tadorna tadorna, 219 Marmaronetta angustirostris, and 235 Anas clypeata
    • Plectrophenax nivalis: a bird photographed at Imlili on 10 February! 5th record for maorocco and first for the Atlantic Sahara
    • Khnifiss : 8 Great Black-backed Gulls, perhaps a subadult Kelp Gull
    • Dakhla: 80 rings have been read (Larus fuscus, L. michahellis, L. melanocephala, L. genei and a lot of L. audouini including 6 Larus michahellis ringed on Gran Canaria, canary Islands
    • (Juan José Ramos, Pedro González del Campo, Antonio Delgado y Nestor Pérez / Birding Canarias)

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