14 May 2016 – A record of Collared Flycatcher, Derkaoua, April 2015

Paul Farmer found a 1st summer male Collared Flycatcher in the gardens at Auberge Derkaoua on Apr 12th, 2015, and it was still there on the morning of 14th (identifier David Walsh, photo Nigel Rutland)


‘My Ornitholidays group arrived at Derkaoua around 4pm on 12th April 2015. Having settled into our rooms, we went for a stroll around the gardens. There were a few migrants around, including a couple of Pied Flycatchers. We knew it was important to check each one carefully as we were hoping to see Atlas Flycatcher, although we knew it was a bit early in the season, and that it was rare.

We found a third, male, flycatcher near the swimming pool. At first it was head on, and we were struck by the large white patch on the forehead. It then turned round, to reveal a broad white collar around the neck! So we knew immediately it was a Collared Flycatcher.

Other features :

  • Upperparts: black, although the wings were a little greyer, and the white patch at the base of the primaries was medium sized only, leading us to suspect that the bird might be a first summer?
  • Rump: whitish, very obvious in flight (and evident in the photo)
  • Tail: all black
  • Underparts: white

The bird was seen again the following evening and again on the morning of 14th prior to our departure, when it was photographed’ (David Walsh)

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