14 May 2016 – New trip report

Some highlights of the recent Ornitholidays trip to Morocco (David Walsh) :

  • Oukaimeden: 5+ African Crimson-winged Finches, 5+ Seebohm’s Wheatears, 5+ Atlas Horned Larks, 4 Common Rock Sparrows (all near the ski lift car park), 2 White-throated Dipper, Atlas Long-legged Buzzard
  • Ourika Valley: male Tristram’s Warbler, Levaillant’s Green Woodpecker, several Moussier’s Redstarts, Barbary Partridge, Rock Bunting, Hawfinch, Red-rumped Swallows
  • Road over Tizi-n-Tichka Pass: Levaillant’s Green Woodpecker, Atlas Common Crossbill, Moussier’s Redstart, singing Western Subalpine Warblers, Rock Bunting
  • Amerzgane: pair of Maghreb Wheatears, Desert Larks, Trumpeter Finches, Desert Wheatears
  • Mansour Lake: 1 Red-knobbed Coot, 50+ Glossy Ibis, 50+ Collared Pratincole, 12 Marbled Duck, 60 Ruddy Shelduck, 80 White Stork, 50 Great Cormorant, 23 Greater Flamingo, 3 Eurasian Spoonbill, 60 Gull-billed Tern, 3 Black Tern, 5 Whiskered Tern, 2 pairs Rufous Bush Robin, numerous Saharan Eastern Olivaceous Warblers, Maghreb Larks, 2 Moroccan White Wagtails, 4 Blue-cheeked Beee-eaters, Montagu’s Harrier, etc.
  • Tagdilt Track/Ikniouen Road area: 7 Cream-coloured Coursers, 5+ Thick-billed Larks, 10+ Temminck’s Larks, 5+ Bar-tailed Larks, 5+ Greater Short-toed Larks, 5+ Red-rumped Wheatears, several Desert Wheatears, pair Atlas Long-legged Buzzards
  • Todra Gorge: pair Bonelli’s Eagles
  • Goulmima – Er Rachidia: family group Saharan Scrub Warblers, 2 Thick-billed Larks, pair Spectacled Warblers, Trumpeter Finches, Desert Wheatears
  • Merzouga/Rissani area: pair Egyptian Nightjars, Pharaoh Eagle Owl, c100 Spotted Sandgrouse, male Desert Sparrow, pair African Desert Warblers, 10+ Greater Hoopoe Larks, Barbary Falcon, Short-toed Eagle, flock of Lesser Kestrels, 5+ Fulvous Babblers, pair Rufous Bush Robins, 20+ Brown-necked Ravens, several Maghreb Larks
  • Jorf area: c10 Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters, pair Rufous Bush Robins
  • Lowlands south-east of Marrakech: pair of Black-eared Wheatears


The complete report is available at http://www.ornitholidays.co.uk/tourreports/Morocco spring 2016.pdf

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