14 October 2018 – Other rare birds in the Atlantic Sahara, March-April 2018

  • Great Black-backed Gull: at least 15 (!) at Khnifiss, 27 March
  • Kelp Gull: one putative bird at Pointe de La Sarga, Dakhla, 30 March, and two at Akhfenir, 1 April
  • Pale Crag Martin: 5 at Aousserd, 30 March (with Bert de Bruin team, see https://go-south.grepom.org/?p=5910)
  • Sudan Golden Sparrow: 2 males and 1 female at Oued Jenna, 28 March

(Valentin Condal, Paul Dufour and Antoine Reboul)

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