15 October 2018 – The occurrence of frigatebirds in Morocco

Łukasz Ławicki & Peter P. de Vries have recently reviewed the occurrence of frigatebirds in the Western Palearctic (Dutch Birding 2018, vol. 40: 1-6).

The Fregatidae family includes five species: Lesser Fregata ariel, Great F minor, Christmas F andrewsi, Magnificent F magnificens and Ascension Frigatebird F aquila. Four of them have been recorded in the Western Palearctic but there are only 2 records of unidentified Frigatebirds in Morocco :

  • an adult female at Massa, Souss, on10 April 2009
  • a bird at Bouknadel, Rharb, on 8 January 2014

These birds were probably Magnificent Frigatebirds.

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