18 December 2014 – News from the Atlantic Sahara

It has rained a tremendous amount in South Morocco the last weeks. A lot of roads are closed and many bridges are flushed away. Especially in the area of Sidi Ifni and Goulmime there are still a lot of roads closed. The bridge at Foum/Embouchure Assaka (29.133617°/-10.398261°) is impassable. As bad as the situation is for the local people, nature will benefit enormously from the rainfalls in the next couple of weeks. I am certain, it will be a very, very interesting spring in Morocco.

As birding highlights, we had more than 10 cricket warblers, 3 Dunn larks and several sightings of rock martins at Oued Jenna. Barn swallows are already heading north (Area of Boujdour 13.12.2014).

On our trip, we had no sighting of sandgrouse, because of the huge amount of small water pools in the whole dessert (Martin Roost)

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