18 February 2018 – Records from Bir Anzarane

50 km north of Bir Anzarane (the « dunes » area), 13-16 February 2018: the weather was colder than expected for the season, rather cloudy with max day temperature registered with our car thermometer about 24 °C – minimum registered in the night about 9 °C. On Thursday 15 Feb evening /night we even got some light rain for a few hours.

We spotted 8 Fennecs in total : one during the day, 5 while spotlighting and 2 on a camera traps, all between 20 and 50 km from the road.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to spot any den, of any kind. Indeed, overall activity in the region of Sbeta appeared to be still very limited for all species, which we can recap as: 2 Hares (could not ID the species),  4 Lesser Egyptian Jerboas, 1 Gerbil, 1 Geko (Stenodactylus sp.), about 6-10 Black Kites, several Brown-necked Ravens and Cream-coloured Coursers, some Hoopoe-larks (Nico & Sidi Hammia, ‘Dakhla Rovers’)

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