18 July 2017 – Where to Watch Birds in Morocco: new printing

Pelagic Publishing has published a new printing of our popular birding site guide. This is a reprint of the PRION Birdwatchers Guide to Morocco (2nd Edition, 2003, ISBN: 1871104092) which had gone out of print.

We’ve worked together to bring the book back to life with a new title and cover. The content and coverage inside is the same.

Why did we change the title? There has been a long-standing confusion over the titles of site guides, with readers sometimes expecting from the title something more akin to a field guide. We think ‘Where to Watch Birds in X‘ is the clearest and most sensible prefix. It’s an approach that has been taken by a variety of publishers.

More info on https://pelagicpublishing.com/blogs/news/where-to-watch-birds-in-morocco-new-printing

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