18 March 2016 – Records from Dakhla

  • Scrub Warbler: a single bird approximately 10km north of the Dakhla turn road junction PK40 (23°57’N 15°39’W on the track to Agricole Nagoir, in an isolated low scrub area just south of the track to the farm area). Watched for a prolonged period on 7 March. Despite close views it was impossible to photograph! The southernmost record to date for this species in Morocco.
  • Shoveler: six still present Dakhla Bay 9 March from km 18
  • Allen’s Gallinule: no longer present during several visits w/c 8 March
  • Western Reef Egret: still present on 12 March at shell fish farm (Martin Coates, Peter Clement, Chris Small and Geoff Cowley)

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