18 May 2019 – Honey Badgers at Aousserd

Honey Badger distribution in Morocco, following Aulagnier, S., Cuzin, F. and Thévenot, M. 2017. Mammifères sauvages du Maroc. Peuplement, répartition, écologie. SFEPM, Paris



Following the photos of 3 Honey Badgers (Ratel, Mellivora capensis) by camera trap in 2016 (Dan Brown and Richard Moore from Biome Ecology) there have been a few other records on the road to Aousserd this year :

  • An unclear view at about 35 km to Aousserd in the early March (Gerald Broddelez)
  • A dead/dry skin but still in good shape about 15 km to Aousserd  (Nicolo Calcagno)
  • And a nice, long view of a Honey Badger about 41 km to Aousserd recently – unfortunately it was unexpected and no photos were taken (Ms and Mr Faucher, Sidi Hammia & Nicolo Calcagno)

(Nico, Dakhla Rovers)

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