2 June 2014 – Great Spotted Cuckoo breeding at Tahanaout

First proven breeding record of the Great Spotted Cuckoo (Clamator glandarius, Coucou geai) North of the High Atlas: two young fed by a Magpie at Tahanaout near Marrakech, 2nd June (Brahim Bakass, Facebook).

None of the few claimed breeding data North of the Atlas were accepted (Heim de Balsac & Mayaud 1962, Thévenot et al. 2003), and Barreau & Bergier (2000-2001) considered the species as a migrant near Marrakech: they could not find any breeding evidence.

The only breeding records are from the Souss and the regions nearby (in Magpie nests) but it is possible that the species also breeds in the Oued Ad Deheb region (e.g. near Awserd) in Brown-necked Raven nests.

2 thoughts on “2 June 2014 – Great Spotted Cuckoo breeding at Tahanaout

  1. Bonjour Patrick,

    Juste pour info. J’ai une observation qui date de 2003 d’un jeune coucou geai nourrit à SBG par des pies bavardes.Je l’ai envoyée à Michel Thévenot il y a assez longtemps.

    Très amicalement

    1. Un grand merci Mohamed pour cette donnée de Sidi Bou Ghaba. Peux-tu poster plus de précisions ?
      Très amicalement

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