2 March 2014

— 28 February: North of Tamri, even north of the radio towers we had 13 Northern Bald Ibisses. At Tamri estuary on the beach we’ve read 9 ringed Adouins gulls. At Cape Rhir we sat from 12.30 until 13.35 for seawatching. Amongst others: 3 Balearic Shearwater, two great skua, one pomarine, 200 gannets. At oued souss we had three Greater Black-backed gulls(photographed) and some more rings read (one from med gull). At the parking lot, two red-necked nightjars were singing. 

— 1 March: we had two Brown-throated Martins at place 5 of Oued Massa in the gosney guide. And several Red-throated Pipits at Oued Massa. At 100 km before Tantan several lark and wheatear species, with a Isabelline Wheatear (2nd cy male) just west of the 100 km pole, we made pictures. Here also Scrub Warbler and none at the oueds just after Guelmime (Jorrit & Ruben Vlot, Mark de Vries, Albert de Jong and Thijs Fijen)

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