21 March 2019 – The Blue-winged Teal is still at Rabat

The Blue-winged Teal from Rabat (Takkadoum) was still present on 19 March. ‘Unfortunately we also saw a team of cartographers taking measurements. Mohammed talked with them and they told him that a retail market was to be built right where the lake is. These are terrible news as this lake is particularly important in the Rabat area, with breeding Purple Gallinules, Little Bitterns, Red-knobbed Coots and Ferruginous Ducks. I am not sure if anything can be done to try and preserve this lake, but if it can it must be done quickly, lest the Bouregreg valley loses another valuable piece of its biodiversity. With the right management this area could be preserved and available to the public, both locals and visitors, providing not only a site for breeding birds but also a place for whoever is interested in wildlife’ (Pedro Fernandes & Mohammed Hilmi).

One thought on “21 March 2019 – The Blue-winged Teal is still at Rabat

  1. Hi! I am an amateur birdwatcher from India, I will be in Rabat with a free day on Sunday 31st March. I was wondering if I could join some local birders for birding or if you have any other suggestions. I was reading about Lac de Sidi Boughaba and also wondering whether it is worth a visit from Rabat. (I speak French – this will be my 1st visit to Morocco)

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