21 October 2019 – News from Dakhla

News from Dakhla sent by Martina (Dakhla Rovers): the autumn/winter migration has started and the bay and peninsula are now filling up again with Flamingos, Spoonbills, Egrets, Gulls (Audouins and Larus fuscus), Terns (mostly Caspian, although on the peninsula you may also spot some Sandwich and Royal terns), a few Oystercatchers, Whimbrels, Bar-tailed godwits, Sandpipers etc etc.

Then a few dead kids :

  • A Gannet found stranded on the southern end of the long beach of Point D’Or on October 10th.
  • A dead snake spotted next to the Oyster Farm on the peninsula, probably a roadkill, on Sept 18 (Malpolon monspessulanus female).
  • Another dead snake (Spalerosophis diadema) spotted on the eastern side of the bay on Sept 28.

And finally, two pics of the shrimps (Palaemonetes varians) living at Imlili (Details will appear soon in Himmi O., Bayed A., El Agbani M.A., Hara F., El Balla T., Khayya M.L. & Qninba A. 2019. Biodiversité aquatique de la Sebkha d’Imlili. In: Qninba et al (édit). : « Sebkhat Imlili (Province d’Oued Eddahab), une Zone Humide Saharienne Relique ». Conseil de la Région de Dakhla-Oued Eddahab – Institut Scientifique de Rabat – Association Nature-Initiative de Dakhla)

(photos by Martina & Nico, Dakhla Rovers; thanks to Abdeljebbar Qninba & Abdellah Bouazza for confirming the determination)



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