22 June 2016 – Records at Essaouira

‘I spent a week in Essaouira earlier this month, during which most of the species usually recorded at this season were present. However, I noted that Red-Rumped Swallows were more frequent than I have seen before, and on two days (4 and 8 June) I saw Golden Orioles, including a singing male, which I have not previously recorded in the area at this time of year.
Also, as well as family groups of Black-Eared Wheatear, on 8 June I saw female Northern Wheatear (or perhaps Seebohm’s Wheatear? – I could not tell from plumage, and do not know which is most likely) on a rocky hill several km inland. Otherwise, the birdlife around the estuary and ponds near the town was notable for an almost total absence of waders, apart from Black-Winged Stilt, Ringed and Little Ringed Plovers’ (Peter Greig-Smith)


Greig-Smith, P.W. 2011. Birds observed in Essaouira, 2007-2011. Go-South Bulletin  8 : 104-112

Greig-Smith, P.W. 2014. Use of habitats by resident and migrant birds in and around a golf course on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Bird Study 61: 111-120.

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