23 April 2015 – A record of Dark Chanting Goshawk near Taroudant in 2007

An adult Dark Chanting Goshawk (Autour sombre, Melierax metabates) has been seen on 25 February 2007 ten minutes by foot northeast from Hotel Riad l’Arganier d’or (North of Zaowiat-Ifer Kane, near Taroudant). The weather condition was sunny with no wind.

The bird was first seen perched on a tree in an area of fields with trees and some scrubs. It then soared for two/three minutes above the observers after being attacked by two Black-winged Kites.

They saw very well his long red legs, grey chest and white barred belly, his head with dark eyes and a red cere, the broad wings with the black wingtip and the long, rounded tail (Thomas & Waltraud Lang)

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