27 October 2017 – First record of Black-capped Petrel in Morocco

First record of Black-capped Petrel (Pterodroma hasitata – Pétrel diablotin) for Morocco: one photographed on 23 March 2013 flying at about 30 km off Agadir has been identified now, thanks to a recently disclosed photograph (Ławicki, L. & van den Berg, A.B. 2017. WP reports. Dutch Birding 39(5): 335-350 per http://www.hbw.com/report/black-capped-petrel-morocco).

Inhabits Caribbean Sea and W Atlantic Ocean, breeding in SW & SE Haiti and SW Dominican Republic, on Dominica and possibly in SE Cuba. May have nested in Martinique and formerly bred commonly in Guadeloupe, where now believed extinct.

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