8 November 2018 – Pelagic from Agadir

With seven Limosa birders from England and Scotland, Arnoud van den Berg did a pelagic off Agadir on 29 October 2018. Because the boat had a motor problem, they stayed at sea for more than 10 hours, much longer than intended, and after floating without working engine for 5 hours they had to be towed back to port in the evening. All a bit too adventurous…

‘With respect to tubenoses, we watched many 100s of Cory’s Shearwaters (Calonectris borealis) and identified a few Scopoli’s Shearwaters (C diomedea) as well. Especially in the afternoon, when the sea became rough with Beaufort 4-5, I counted at least 150 (!) Manx Shearwaters (Puffinus puffinus) flying past, some swimming. Three Sooty Shearwaters (P griseus) were also seen in flight, and we had a total of seven Great Shearwaters (P gravis). From close range, I identified two European Storm Petrels (Hydrobates pelagicus), and a couple of other small but unidentified storm petrels were glimpsed between waves as well, including one all brown (no photographs, unfortunately). We sighted four Great Skuas (Stercorarius skua) but no other jaegers’

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