9 November 2018 – News from the interior of Dakhla

Nico from Dakhla Rovers comes back from 2 visits in the interior of Dakhla.

  • Aousserd/Laglat: some rain but less than what was expected. 2 Pale Rock Martins Ptyonoprogne obsoleta at Laglat and many Uromastix near Laglat / Oued Jenna.
  • Negjir massif: substantial amount of rain. The plain is pretty green as well as the massif. 4 Lanner Falcons, c.25 Brown-necked Ravens, quite a big number of Hoopoe Larks (some of them displaying) and Cream-coloured Coursers. Temminck’s Lark was present along the Bir Anzarane road amonst other places. Uromastix.
  • Rabt Sbeta (and north to Jrefia). Similar as above in terms of birds, Hoopoe Lark + Cream-coloured Courser. A few Stenodactylus (guess elegans). Footprints of Fennec Fox, Ruppel Fox and possibly Striped Polecat.
  • Near Hassi Tagharzimat. Footprints of African Golden Wolf (and I think I’ve heard them early in the morning). I checked carefully: there was no herd around since a couple of weeks and there was no evidence of domestic dogs. White-crowned Wheatear. Everywhere « painted lady » butterflies (Belle-Dame = Vanesse du chardon Vanessa cardui, grand migrateur qui éclot souvent dans les oasis sahariennes après la pluie, et qui peut se diriger vers l’Europe, parfois par millions, lors de migrations épisodiques ; il remonte parfois jusqu’aux Pays-Bas au moins – info Jacques Franchimont)

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