First African White-backed Vulture GPS-tagged in the Western Palearctic

A new paper, about the GPS-tagging and movement ecology of an African white-backed vulture, is just published in Go-South Bulletin:

El Khamlichi, R.; Iglesias-Lebrija, J.J.; Amhaouch, Z.; Rousselon, K. & Álvarez, E. 2022. First African white-backed vulture (Gyps africanus) tagged with GPS transmitter in North Africa and first record in Algeria. Go-South Bulletin 19: 23-28.


In June 2021, the first African White-backed Vulture was tagged with a GPS transmitter in the Western Palearctic. The bird was captured at the Jbel Moussa Vulture Rehabilitation Centre in Northern Morocco. After several weeks of wandering around Morocco, the bird crossed the Sahara Desert in August, possibly accompanied by other migratory group of raptors. During its southbound travel, the bird passed through the extreme south-west of Algeria, making it the first known record of the species in the country. The signal from the transmitter was lost in Southern Mauritania in August 2021.

African white-backed vulture right after its GPS-tagging and release at Jbel Moussa (Benoit Maire).

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