4 May 2014

Highlights from a trip from Apr 12 to 21: ‘We started at the Francolin-place near Sidi Yahya. After arriving in the afternoon we had not long to wait to hear the first call and a short time late... Read More

3 May 2014

A new paper is available in Go-South Bulletin: Hanane, S. & Cherkaoui, S.I. 2014. Breeding of the Marsh Owl (Asio capensis tingitanus) in a strictly forest area of Morocco: a chance or a choice?... Read More

1 May 2014

A Motacilla alba subpersonata breeding at Larache and a Kitiwake in Merja Zerga on 25 April. The full trip report is availabla at http://www.oriolebirding.com/birding-diary-news-4.html(Javi Elorriaga... Read More

27 April 2014

A new paper is available in Go-South Bulletin: Maire, B. ; Mathurin, A. ; Zegres, S. & Laïdi, K. 2014. Observations ornithologiques dans l’Oriental marocain, novembre 2013.Go-South Bulletin ... Read More

23 April 2014

Sur la route d’Awserd les 12-13 avril, pas mal de Prinias, et observation du fameux Moineau doré (pas facile à voir au cœur des acacias !). Seule absente de marque : l’Alouette de Dunn ... Read More

21 April 2014

Ali Maghrebi, habitant à côté de la zone humide de Fouarat, Kénitra, tire la sonnette d’alarme car cette zone humide est en grand péril. Photo sur https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hp... Read More