28 May 2014

On a resent trip to Morocco 7/5/14 to 12/5/14 we were making our way to Zeida along the R505. We stopped about 10 Kms from the junction of the N 13 and viewed the area to the right hand side of the ro... Read More

25 May 2014

Ruppell’s Vulture in the Straits. Several birds have been recorded recently in Tangier Peninsula: 3 Rüppell’s Vulture at Jbel Bouhachem Natural Park with 5 Griffon Vultures on 10 May PM, and ... Read More

4 May 2014

Highlights from a trip from Apr 12 to 21: ‘We started at the Francolin-place near Sidi Yahya. After arriving in the afternoon we had not long to wait to hear the first call and a short time late... Read More

3 May 2014

A new paper is available in Go-South Bulletin: Hanane, S. & Cherkaoui, S.I. 2014. Breeding of the Marsh Owl (Asio capensis tingitanus) in a strictly forest area of Morocco: a chance or a choice?... Read More

1 May 2014

A Motacilla alba subpersonata breeding at Larache and a Kitiwake in Merja Zerga on 25 April. The full trip report is availabla at http://www.oriolebirding.com/birding-diary-news-4.html(Javi Elorriaga... Read More

27 April 2014

A new paper is available in Go-South Bulletin: Maire, B. ; Mathurin, A. ; Zegres, S. & Laïdi, K. 2014. Observations ornithologiques dans l’Oriental marocain, novembre 2013.Go-South Bulletin ... Read More

23 April 2014

Sur la route d’Awserd les 12-13 avril, pas mal de Prinias, et observation du fameux Moineau doré (pas facile à voir au cœur des acacias !). Seule absente de marque : l’Alouette de Dunn ... Read More