29 January 2018 – Another(?) Olive-backed Pipit at Rabat

An Olive-backed Pipit was found (or re-found) at Rabat, at a different location than the previous ones. The bird was seen next to the Marjane Bouregreg, on the path that goes to Chellah, on a Eucalyptus grove at c. 34.018830, -6.818882

The bird was flushed from the ground to a tree, and flew down to the vegetation soon after. It was flushed again to a branch where it sat for a while allowing study and photographs. Marked supercilium, buffish above the lores, black and white spots over the ears. Buff-edged greater coverts contrasting with white-edged medium coverts. Rump not seen. Seemed strikingly bufish overall, perhaps more than any of the bird seen in the area last (2017) Autumn. Note that in spite of visitation of the places where the four birds were seen these were not relocated again since November 22 (Pedro Fernandes , https://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S42320021)


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