6 November 2017 – Olive-backed Pipits at Rabat

Two or three Olive-backed Pipits (Pipit à dos olive, Anthus hodgsoni) at Jardin d’Essai, Rabat, yesterday 5 November (Pedro Fernandes)

‘First detected when one bird flew from the ground to a tree. Moving closer to it, it flew to another tree remaining exposed in a branch allowing the first pictures. A second bird was flushed, calling softly >tsiu<. Two more birds were flushed, one was a Meadow Pipit the other possibly another Olive-backed Pipit but could not be sure who was calling. The two birds that allowed good views had striking superciliums with a white spot on the ear, unstreaked greenish backs, greater coverts and tertials with buffish edges’

Sixth Moroccan record.


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